Amsterdam Photo Shoot Tour
​Tailored Made

A Tour where Inbal photographs you in the city

Amsterdam Tailored Made Photo Shoot – The jewel in the crown

Tour Details

  • Private tour.
  • Professional photography including post production.
  • 3, 4 or 5 hrs. tour.
  • Suitable for 1-6 people.
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Tailored especially for you!

If you have visited Amsterdam in the past or you rather have a tour off the beaten track, I will be happy to arrange that for you, just let me know ahead of time. You can be specific and tell me what would you like to see and where would you like to visit or you can tell me in general what are your interests, and if there is a special purpose for the photo shoot like proposing marriage for example, and I will tailor the perfect tour for you.
You will feel like a celebrity with a photographer on your tail, and at the end of the tour you will have a vast collection of images that will remain with you long after your visit to this fascinating city.  

Special price for families and bigger groups

Please contact me.

Time and Place

  • ​You can choose for a walking tour or a *bike tour or combine it with *public transportation.
  • The tour will be tailored according to your interest and you will decide in which POI you would like to be photographed.
  • You choose the duration of the tour and it will be scheduled according to your timetable.
  • You can choose to be picked up from your hotel (city center hotels).
  • You get optimal rout planning made specially for you, as well as quality private tour and a professional photo shoot.
  • For part of the photographs I will explain to you how to pose and where to stand, and for the other part, I will photograph you when you won’t pay attention, paparazzi style, while you stroll along this picturesque city.
  • After the tour in my studio, I will choose the best shots and I will process them individually, to give each and every photo an artistic look.
  • When the photos are ready I will send them to you via a private link.

We will meet at the lobby of your hotel (city center) or at the Dam Square when it suits your daytime itinerary.

It is recommended to book this tour for your first day in Amsterdam, for orientation and getting to know the place.

​All tours are to be booked and paid in advance. Please read the FURTHER INFO page so you are aware of refunds and date change conditions.
*Not included in the price.

  Classic Amsterdam  |  Markets  |  Old Industrial Area  |  Gardens & Parks  |  Windmill  |  Architecture  |  Must See POI |  Off the beaten track  |  Combined Tour  |  Panoramic view on the city​​

It’s all here and it’s all possible – all the best that Amsterdam can offer!
To book Amsterdam Tailored Made Photo Shoot Tour, please email me: and I’ll see you in Amsterdam!

Thank you Amsterdam, you were good to me…and a special thank you to Amsterdam Experience and Inbal Tur-Shalom for a magical tour in the city that always surprises me. Adi Yahalom


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