Amsterdam Experience with a Local Photographer​

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  Amsterdam Experience and Inbal Tur-Shalom, the local photographer, invite you to create together special memories and beautiful photographs in magical Amsterdam. Photographs that will last long after your vacation in Amsterdam and will remind you beautiful moments of joy.  

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Amsterdam Photo Shoot

How would you like to learn to take fabulous photographs at some of Amsterdams’ most beautiful spots? This walking tour will teach you how to take great travel images of this stunning city including the special architecture, intriguing urban plan and funny people riding their bicycle everywhere. You’ll experiment with different angles and camera settings, and you’ll learn how to get the most out of your camera from your professional guide.
Create beautiful lasting memories of your vacation with a private photo shoot in Amsterdam. Let a professional photographer who is also a knowledgeable tourist guide walk with you via some of Amsterdams' most gorgeous backdrops and take well posed photo's as well as candid moments as you venture through the city, while telling you about the history and culture along with crazy things that happened to me in this unbelievable city.

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Would you like to photograph or be photographed eating herring as Dutch do? The sign I Amsterdam? The big market? Riding bicycle in the park? Romantic bridges? It's all possible!
In all tours Inbal will tell you interesting details about life in Amsterdam, about the spots that you'll visit, stories about the history and architecture and how the Dutch culture and actually everything here is connected to the water and to religion. You'll get tips about the best spots in the city, how to get along with the Dutch and you'll experience how it is to be a local in Mokum (Amsterdam). 

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Amsterdam Experience with a Local Photographer | Inbal Tur-Shalom

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